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Woke up to this - fresh French press. My roommate is a flawless human being. @kjudge94 (at The Bear & Hen)


introducing myself in the first day of school


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i have watched this at least 300 times and have laughed every single time

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"Anything but Blurred Lines"

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i feel my american-bred sense of entitlement the most when i get annoyed that the ‘united states’ is sorted in alphabetical order on a drop down menu and not just listed at the top

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Tapestry closeups

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we’ve taught girls to romanticise nearly everything a boy does. when i was younger i thought it was cute that boys chased the girl even after she said no. i loved it when after a girl moved away from a kiss, the guy would pull her back and force it on. i thought a guy saying ‘i won’t take a no for an answer’ was passionate and romantic. we’re literally always teaching girls to romanticise abusive traits.

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50 shades of fucked up

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#MochaJoes has a new blender!!! I’m pretty emotional about it tbh (at Mocha Joe’s)



People Art Gallery

Exciting Photo Illusions

The swimming pool temporarily effed me up..

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"In my favorite passage from The Handmaid’s Tale, figurative language reminds us that Offred’s flesh is and isn’t flesh, and that although her body is controlled by the state, it’s far from a defined, closed system. This brief unhinging of meaning is an act of defiance. And in a world where all you’re allowed is your female body, it also may be a relief."

- I’ve written before about By Heart, a series at The Atlantic in which authors write short pieces about their favorite passages in literature. This week, our own Edan Lepucki — whose new novel you may have heard about thanks to Stephen Colbertwrites about the metaphors in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. (FYI, Margaret Atwood wrote a Year in Reading entry for The Millions.)

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The Sandwich Incident

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